Lidder with fork applicator and container separation module

10-feed lidder with integrated punching module for container separation and a height-adjustable folding fork applicator for "to-go" products


  • modular design
  • integrated punching module for separating the twin container shells
  • integrated applicator for attaching "to-go" folding forks to the containers
  • swivel axis with very high repeat accuracy, powered by a servo drive
  • 10-12 cycles per minute (100-120 containers) dependent upon container size
  • extremely reliable lid hopper with active separation
  • conveyor speed: approx. 16 - 20 metres per minute (frequency-controlled)
  • lane reduction, two lines can be combined into one
  • integrated continuous operation mode
  • simple loading system
  • excellent access to individual components; simple, stable and low-maintenance machine technology; ultra-compact design
  • stacking height approx. 500 mm (x 10 stacks)
  • signal exchange: release to the upstream machine
  • request a release from the downstream machine
  • corrosion-resistant moisture-proof design