About Kessen Maschinenbau GmbH in Essen - Oldenburg

Launched in 2008, we are an engineering company specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of conveyor systems and custom machinery for the food industry.

Our particular focus is the handling of packaging: The destacking (singling out) of containers, individual transport, and the process of filling and capping containers are the core competences of our company. In collaboration with our partners, we can act as a supplier or general contractor to create complete lines (turnkey systems) for your production.

Clients throughout Europe value our experience and the continuity, performance and innovation we can offer as a successful family business.

A sample of our product range:

Destacker model "ScrewDrive 150"

  • up to 150 trays per minute.
  • up to 100 trays per minute when fed by a synchronised conveyor belt.


5-feed Lidding Machine

  • 5-feed lidding machine for salad containers.
  • up to 14 cycles per minute.
  • automated height adjustment for containers.


Z-Conveyor belt

  • Conveyor speed: approx. 8 - 15 metres per minute.
  • Belt width: 600 mm, Delivery head 6000 mm.
  • "CleanDrive" belt with flights.


Dumpling Forming belt

  • dumpling diameter approx. 50 mm.
  • high capacity - approx. 120 dumplings per minute.
  • integrated non-stick flour dispenser.


Tray stacker for 30-cell egg trays

  • HST025 tray stacker for Farmpackers.
  • 830 trays per hour = 25,000 eggs.
  • suitable for either paper or plastic trays.


Cutmatic 800S-L

  • Cutting machine for semi-automatic cutting.
  • rapid oscillating blade.


Our Services

Kessen Maschinenbau specialises in the design and manufacture of conveyor systems and custom machinery for the food industry.

Our team can also offer you support with system repair and maintenance.

Design and Construction

Our team can design detailed solutions based on your task specification. We can develop individual, customised solutions for the construction of specialist plant and machinery, as well as conveyor technology. We use ultra-efficient CAD systems and state-of-the-art control and drive technology.

Servicing and Maintenance

Based on the solutions devised during the design phase, we can then manufacture all the necessary components, or obtain them via our partners. Every aspect of plant construction is exclusively undertaken and monitored by our own specialists. You will then receive a turnkey product ready for commissioning.

Servicing and Maintenance

We are also happy to support to our customers after a system has been commissioned. On request, we can assume responsibility for the servicing and maintenance of your system. And we can also supply any spare parts which may be required to maintain a smooth and efficient production process.