Schneidemaschinen zum längs- oder quer teilen von knochenlosen Fleischwaren

Cutmatic cutting machine

Cutmatic 800

based on the earlier MAI Cutmatic 800

Mechanical cutting machine powered by an electric motor which has a rapid oscillating blade for cutting fresh, boneless meat products with a height of up to 190 mm. The length and depth of the product to be processed can be set using a sliding bar (optional).


The 800 cutting machine has an electro-mechanical powered oscillating blade, which can be used for the halving and coarse portioning of soft (unfrozen) meat and sausage products. During product insertion, the blade is shielded by a forward-acting pneumatic security pin. This machine is moveable, and has a level cutting table and a 10 ° - guide chute (with a smooth stainless steel surface) behind the blade. A material shift bar (removable) for straight cuts of less than 90 ° is equipped with 2 short, in-line portion stops. The machine's framework means it is also suitable for cutting up to 2 x 250 mm sectional lengths. The internal slide width is 500 mm.

Technical specification:

  • corrosion-resistant wet room version made from stainless steel (type 1.4301)
  • dimensions: L = 1300mm, W = 1206mm, H = 1605mm
  • frame and housing are bead blasted and polished throughout, and the guide chute, material shift bar and portion stops are finished to the same standard
  • mobility provided via 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors with double stop brakes
  • integrated compressed air connection (6 bars, oil-free) is provided via a DN 7 plug nipple on the side of the control box
  • electrics: 3-phase / 400 V / N / 50 Hz with 3 metre power cable and CEE phase-reverse plug 5/16
  • power consumption 1.1 kW max.
  • equipped with a small controller and a motor protection circuit breaker
  • entire circuit housed in an IP 66 control box in the machine frame
  • mechanical and pneumatic drive elements, main switches and possibly main valves etc. are also protected by the machine housing or control box for hygienic reasons
  • components in contact with product can be easily disassembled for cleaning, and are easily accessible for cleaning and disinfecting when mounted
  • built in accordance with CE regulations, includes manufacturer's certificate