Tray stacker for 30-cell egg trays, connects on the output side of a Farmpacker

HST025 tray stacker for Farmpackers

  • a robust and reliable attachment which connects to a 30-cell egg tray packer.
  • designed for the standard stack height of 6 trays.
  • option to select even smaller packing densities.

The tray stacker is almost entirely made of stainless steel. The unit features a design which is as open as possible so that any spills can be quickly and easily cleared away.

  • unique, absolutely reliable turnover station for every 2nd egg packer.
  • conveyor tracks are made of high quality 1 "modular plastic.
  • capacity: 830 trays per hour = 25,000 eggs per hour (70 boxes per hour)
  • power supply: 230V
  • compressed air connection: 6 bars

Optionally, an outlet conveyor can be installed after the tray stacker. The standard length is 2 metres (6 piles). Alternative custom lengths, or curved tracks, can also be supplied. The outlet conveyor is regulated by the controller in the tray stacker. A sensor at the end of the discharge conveyor determines when their is a full load.

Cost effectiveness:

As the owner of an egg-producing poultry farm, you will find the tray stacker has lots of potential applications. Do you find it hard to get workers at the weekend? In the holidays? Or to cover for illness? Such problems could soon be a thing of the past!

Even if you continue to employ two egg packers, the tray stacker with a buffer conveyor outlet could prove a very profitable option. While the buffer is slowly filling, the second person in the poultry shed could, for example, be looking for eggs or doing other work.

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