PSP lidder

for square buckets 220 x 220 mm with a standard snap-on lid

  • single-lane lidding
  • corrosion-resistant wet room version (stainless steel type 1.4301)
  • capacity approx. 15-18 cycles per minute
  • Lid hopper inclined 135 ° (top of lid facing downwards)
  • 135 ° swivel unit to turn the lid and position it above the filled container
  • simple loading system
  • excellent access to individual components
  • simple, stable and low-maintenance machine technology
  • ultra-compact design
  • minimum stacking height in the lid hopper 500 mm
  • pneumatic lid separation
  • vacuum generation uses the injector principle
  • pressing is achieved by completing the rotation, which presses the lid onto the container without transferring contact pressure to the conveyor belt.
  • system has two continuous conveyor belts, each belt is 40 mm wide
  • lateral sensors detect the position of the container’s lower section
  • moveable installation on Ø 125mm swivel castors with stoppers